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how long have you been playing hide and squeak for?

If the answer is

long enough

then we're glad you're talking to us

Rodent Picture

You might be asking, how did they get inside my property?

Here's how

Scenario 1: Trash or debris from outside

Scenario 2: Connecting lines or wires

to house, could also be branches

Scenario 3: Holes big enough to fit

their heads in

Scenario 4: Highly unlikely, but through your toilet bowl.

We haven't had that call...yet. 

*Clips are from National Geographic

they're also omniverous

which means

Rodent Picture
Raw Meat Picture
Vegetables Picture

Rodent Control

is our pest control service to answer your rat and mouse problem. 

If you want to package this with a GPC treatment, hit us up and we'll make a plan for you. 

Rodent Bait Station Picture

We're going to utilize our traps and baits depending on your situation, so please let us know if you have any special requests, such as having pets in your house, etc. 

Rodent Bait Station
Attracta Bait Station
Mechanical Trap Picture
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